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October Tide

| | Monday, August 8, 2011

October Tide is a death/doom metal side project that was created in 1995 by Katatonia vocalist Jonas Renkse and then Katatonia guitarist Fred Norrman.

Studio Albums:

Rain Without End (1997)

Track listing:
1. "12 Days of Rain" - 6:43
2. "Ephemeral" - 6:19
3. "All Painted Cold" - 5:45
4. "Sightless" - 6:28
5. "Losing Tomorrow" - 2:35
6. "Blue Gallery" - 5:43
7. "Infinite Submission" - 5:35


Grey Dawn (1999)

Track listing:
1. "Grey Dawn" - 4:28
2. "October Insight" - 5:08
3. "Sweetness Dies" - 5:45
4. "Heart of the Dead" - 4:16
5. "Floating" - 6:14
6. "Lost In The Dark - And Then Gone" - 5:25
7. "Into Deep Sleep" - 5:13
8. "Dear Sun" - 3:32


A Thin Shell (2010)

Track listing:
1. "The Custodian of Science" - 7:33
2. "Deplorable Request" - 6:03
3. "A Nighttime Project" (instrumental) - 4:32
4. "Blackness Devours" - 5:15
5. "The Dividing Line" - 5:43
6. "Fragile" - 6:35
7. "Scorned" - 6:33


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